About Us

How TeaLeafic Was Born

Hi, my name is Ili and I am here to share my love and passion for tea with you. Growing up tea has always been the main drink in my house. The kettle was always on the stove and no matter what time of the day, it was guaranteed that you could find a warm cup of tea in the kitchen. Tea has been the center piece of many different occasions; during celebrations, sickness, happy moments and sad moment. In my culture there was no such a thing as “flavored tea”. All the flavours would come from the natural ingredients, herbs, flowers and leaves that were mixed with the tea, mainly black tea.

While I was growing up, I found drinking tea to be a bonding experience between me and my family and friends.  As tea would come around, the conversations would flow. Later on, when I moved to Canada, tea became a refuge to escape from the cold and I found comfort in the warmth of the tea cup I was holding. In summer I looked for refreshing drinks and started to experiment with green tea.

When I had a cold, I would add honey, lemon, ginger to my tea, as I came to learn the combination soothe my throat. Few years back when I started to have digestion issue, I turned to tea again. It was then when I learned about health benefit of tea and different blends. I started mixing teas with herbs and other ingredients. My obsession with tea got to the point that in gatherings, my friend started to offer me tea while everyone else were having other types of beverage. Since I become obsesses and everyone associated me with a cup of tea, Tealeafic was born.


The Intend Behind TeaLeafic

The intend behind TeaLeafic is to serve a drink that provides soothing and comfort feeling one might be looking for. Drinking tea is an experience, that can be shared with others. It is important to me to provide you with flavours that allows you to immerse in the experience you are seeking. I hope TeaLeafic’s blends take you to a journey of finding love and compassion for yourself and connecting you to others around you.


What Makes TeaLeafic Different

My teas are infused with uplifting benefits of natural ingredients, and highest quality tea leaves. I have partnered with suppliers that provide organic and fair-trade ingredients. Each blend is curated and carefully picked, to bring a taste that is guaranteed to leave your taste buds satisfied, awaken your senses, and sooth your sole, while bringing you an unparalleled experience.